The Gift of Funk

I’m back from my 30th birthday vacation, and it will most certainly be remembered.   I took home a number of LPs, so watch this blog for several posts in the coming week(s).

Osmium, Parliament’s first full length album, was originally released on Invictus Records in 1970.  A mint copy will set you back one or two hundred dollars on eBay.

Parliament - Osmium (front)

Parliament - Osmium (Back)

All reissues have the artist name re-set horizontally instead of vertically.

The original album is highly collectible.  According to, 11 copies in varying condition have auctioned this year.

This version, produced by Earmark/Sanctuary & Get Back Records in 2003 is a limited edition 180g picture disc released in Argentina in 2003.  Only 750 copies were pressed, and in the last four years I’ve found one copy for sale.  So when this one surfaced in Thessaloniki, Greece I put it at the top of my birthday wish list.  Thanks to a kind and loving mother in law it’s the latest addition to my PFunk family collection.

Parliament - Osmium (Picture Disc)
Here’s a taste of the soulful funk on this LP.

The next PFunk related disc I’m after is the “I Wanna Testify” RV207 7 inch single that George Clinton released with his doo-wop group, The Parliaments in 1967 (before Osmium was recorded.)

Stay tuned for more later this week!

Hardcore Jollies

Took another trip to the Super Flea today and found some great items!

I stopped by a pinball and arcade vendor I hadn’t seen before – he fully restores vintage gaming machines and builds custom mods.  He had an original Pac-Man machine and a few other Pac-related arcades that he had modified to play 40-60 games each.  After speaking with him I learned that these were not your typical MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) cabinets – he actually installs the hardware for all 40 titles into one machine!

The coolest item in his booth was an original Doctor Who pinball machine, fully restored and looking brand new!

Dr Who Pinball Back Box

Dr Who Pinball Table

From there I made my way to a record vendor who I knew had a title I was looking for.  But I was surprised to find not one but eight original Parliament Funkadelic LPs.  They were stickered with outrageously high prices.  He was asking $65 for a VG condition copy of Gloryhallastoopid, which one can readily acquire for between $8 and $12.   I leveled with him and when he realized how well I knew my P-Funk history he conceded and let me name my price.

I walked away with Funkadelic’s Hardcore Jollies, which features wildly funky album art by the great Pedro Bell.

Hardcore Jollies
To date I’ve got 12 LPs from Parliament/Funkadelic/Bootsy’s Rubber Band.  I also have a few albums that Fred Wesley recorded with the Horny Horns around the same time they were performing with the PFunk.

Most likely the next related disc I’ll look for is “(I Wanna) Testify” – the hit single released by The Parliaments (George Clinton’s barbershop doo-wop group) in 1967.

For those who missed the Mothership Connection live in Houston Halloween night 1976, this is the most soulful moment of the show.  Watch the landing of the Mothership while Glen Goins takes us to church…

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