Pink Floyd Yard Sale Mystery: Solved

The following info was compiled from the Pink Floyd RolO Database,, and various other Pink Floyd archive sites.  I’d like to post this as a “thank you” to Mr. Pinky, Historian of the Pink Floyd Vinyls throughout the world.  His site, the Ultimate Pink Floyd Vinyl Discography includes over 2600 recordings!  You can visit it at

Mr. Pinky confirmed my research and provided additional information about a mysterious live LP of The Wall I found at a yard sale for a mere fifty cents.  The blank white sleeve contained the unlabeled album in mint condition along with a 12″ print and a handwritten track list.

Pink Floyd - Earls Court Aug 6 Insert
Earls Court Aug 6 Setlist
Here is what I came to learn about the album.

Title:        Pink Floyd: The Wall Performed Live
Format:     LP
Catalog:    E.M.K.A. PROD  (EMKA = MCA = Universal)
Matrix:      (P-DA/PDF-B) ß Portable Digital Audio Tape
Source:     1980 London Earl’s Court, London 1980 August 6th

Sound Quality: Excellent Stereo

Comments: Italian bootleg with plain cover and paper insert with orange print. Pressed from the same plates as the e.m.k.a release on black and lilac vinyl with plain white labels. Later re-issued again with black & white xeroxed insert on black, green and lilac vinyl. A further pressing from these plates had yet another different insert and Avion record labels.

Rarity rating: **** (all issues)

Band: Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason, David Gilmour

Pink Floyd never toured for The Wall, but only played between five and eight dates each at Los Angeles, New York, London, Dortmund, and again London during 1980 and 1981.

NOTE: Several live performances of The Wall are mis-labeled as this performance.

The following cd package is actually a recording from the Nassau Coliseum in New York on the 26th of February 1980.

Mis-labeled Pink Floyd - The Wall Live @ Nassau Coliseum in New York 02-26-80
Mis-labeled Pink Floyd - The Wall Live @ Nassau Coliseum in New York 02-26-80 (back)
Another show mis-labeled as Earls Court 1980 is noted at this site:  It is actually Earls Court London, UK June 17, 1981.

Mis-labeled Pink Floyd - The Wall Live @ Earls Court London, UK 06-17-81
Mis-labeled Pink Floyd - The Wall Live @ Earls Court London, UK 06-17-81 (back)
And finally, the widely available live DVD performance of the Wall is clearly marked as Earls Court, August 9th, 1980.  To the best of my knowledge, the August 6th concert has yet had no official release.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: The master tape of this recording later appeared on the Siréne label on a released titled, The Warm Thrill Of Confusion (Siréne-063).  Collectors Music Reviews added the following note about the tape:

It first surfaced on vinyl as The Wall Live, Wall, and The Wall Performed Live (E.M.K.A. PROD) and on CD as Live Wall (Satisfaction Guaranteed SG 054/55 ), Live Wall (Part 1+2) on Silver Rarities (SIRA 47/48), The Show Must Go On and the fan based Digital Floyd Project roio The Wall Earl’s Court 6/8/80 Performed Live.

So that solves the case of the unmarked album.  Not a bad find for fifty cents.