Fraggle Rock Raritites

I’ve got a new treasure for my ever expanding collection of children’s 80s records – this one is the more elusive UK version of the original Fraggle Rock soundtrack.

When I was about eight years old I remember having two Fraggle Rock albums – Perfect Harmony and a 7 inch long play disc in a paper sleeve called Fraggle Rock released by Weekly Reader Magazine.  These high-res cover scans were stolen from a fantastic blog –  Check them out!

Fraggle Rock - Perfect Harmony

Fraggle Rock – Perfect Harmony (C 40774 1986)

Fraggle Rock - Weekly Reader LP front
Fraggle Rock Weekly Reader LP back

Fraggle Rock – Weekly Reader 7″ #2072, 1983

Years later I was fortunate enough to pick up the 3CD Fraggle Rockin’ Collection which is a compiled re-issuing of “Fraggle Rock” (1983), “Perfect Harmony” (1986) and “Music and Magic” (1993).

Fraggle Rockin' Collection (2007)
Then, this past winter I discovered the 1984 German issue of the original Fraggle Rock album.  In addition to the different (and better, IMO) cover image the German disc includes two additional tracks – an instrumental of the song, “Workin” on side 1 and “Traveling Matt” on side 2.  The German issue also includes the Gorg’s “Dum of a Son of a Gun” which was not included on the 1987 Columbia reissue or on the Fraggle Rockin’ Collection.

MLP 1200 - Fraggles, The – Jim Henson's Muppets Present Fraggle Rock

Fraggles, The - Fraggle Rock US back

The US version of Fraggle Rock (MLP 1200, US 1983) w standard non-gatefold cover

Fraggles, The - Fraggle Rock (Germany)
Fraggles, The - Fraggle Rock (Germany) Gatefold

Fraggles, The - Fraggle Rock (Germany) Back

The UK gatefold version of the same album w additional tracks (PL 70221, 1984)

And for you Fraggle Rock collectors out there – there is also a version of the same album sung entirely in French and released that same year which reuses the cover photo from Weekly Reader 7″ #2072.

Fraggle Rock PL 70581 France, 1984

Fraggle Rock (PL 70581, France 1984)

I also have a tin lunchbox with thermos (thank you Hilary!), a Hasbro Gobo plush from 1985 and a 2004 Wembly from Sababa toys w tag.  While I usually opt for the earliest available versions of everything I collect (like first pressing LPs) the first Fraggle dolls which were manufactured by Tomy in 1983 are rather ugly with disproportionately small heads, so I’m happy with the ones I’ve got.

1984 Fraggle Lunch Box w Thermos
Hasbro Gobo (1985)
Sababa Wembly (2004)
And here’s my favorite Fraggle tune, this one from Music and Magic, performed by Cantus and the Minstrels.