A passion for obscurity. Operatic Beatles Covers and Black Muppets

Twice in one week I was incredibly lucky enough to find two treasures I’ve been looking for for over a year.

The first is a mint copy of a legendary record which I’d like to submit as the Worst Record Ever Recorded – Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits.

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits
For the uninitiated, Mrs. Miller is often considered the worst pop star of all time. She rarely managed to keep in tune or in time with the music. Still, all 50,000 copies of this record sold within the first 48 hours of it’s release.

While it’s baffling to ponder how a 59 year old housewife managed to secure the rights to cover “A Hard Day’s Night,” “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” or “Monday Monday,” it’s better not to ask questions and instead to just take in the serene beauty of her angelic voice.

Check out her biggest hit, “Downtown.”

And after 6 months of stalking copies which posted online from $100-$135, The Year of Roosevelt Franklin is finally mine!

The Year of Roosevelt Franklin

The Year of Roosevelt Franklin has been called the holy grail of children’s records.

It features an incredibly hip scat-singing muppet from the early years of Sesame Street who was dropped from the cast following letters complaining of a negative African-American stereotype.  The band backing Roosevelt is incredibly funky, making it excellent for sampling.

As an obsessive collector of both classic funk and Sesame vinyl this was the album I’d been waiting for!

Released in ’71, it features several funk gems.  If you’re too young to remember him checkout Roosevelt’s Alphabet.

And click here and select track 3 to hear “Mobity Mosley’s Months.”

That second song should sound familiar to anyone who remembers a certain Boss-Tones hit single from 1958.

The album was reissued in ’74 as My Name is Roosevelt Franklin.  The tracklist stayed the same but the image with Gordon was replaced with shots of Roosevelt and this time, no gatefold sleeve.

The back cover of the original pressing also features words of praise from a number of celebrities, including Barbara Walters, B.B. King, Ed McMahon, and Ed Sullivan.

I’m blown away that I got such a shiny clean copy at such a low price.  A great day for vinyl!

The last record of the day was a fun find from the “new arrival” bin at the antique mall – capitalizing on the popularity of the Jane Fonda workout record, Miss Piggy released her own exercise album in 1982.  This copy is mint with a foldout poster.   My Jim Henson LP collection is now 35 albums strong and growing!