Project Pin Drop: Silence in the Lab

Upon moving Innerspace Labs into the office in the home I purchased, it was instantly apparent that something needed to be done.  The larger open space and hardwood flooring acted as a resonating chamber for my already thunderously loud server.  The resulting noise dominated the room, inhibiting my enjoyment of the sparse, ambient soundscapes I often play as an sonic wallpaper while I work.

Submitted for your amusement, here is an actual recording of my server churning away at idle with accompanying footage of a military subject in a wind tunnel.

I considered multiple potential solutions.  Dampening pads for the tower would only muffle the noise.  Liquid cooling is not my forte.  And replacing the power supply, heat sinks, and case fans was a mess I didn’t want to get into.

And then came the epiphany.  I consulted a few wise colleagues regarding hardware specs and invested in a certified refurbished last-gen HP thin client.  Fitted with an inexpensive wireless adapter, the troublesome tower was tucked away in a spare overhead cupboard well out of earshot of my office. (Don’t worry, I’ll work out ventilation in the days ahead).  The thin client, free of moving parts, operates in absolute silence – a drastic departure from the sonic assault that was my server.

Here’s a look at my desktop – no tower to be seen (or heard!)


And here, stealth-ly tucked behind Beethoven is the client.


The server now occupies this overhead cupboard, where it actually drowns out the sound of the massive appliance below it.


I’m proud to declare Project Pin Drop an absolute success!

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