The Grand Unified Theory of innerspaceboy

I love a good challenge, and last night I presented myself with a most delightful dilemma. As of late, I’ve created a stockpile of obscuro musically-themed graphic tees to thoroughly confuse the unsuspecting public. And with the plethora of imagery available from avant-garde sound and cult cinema, I could go on forever printing these tees. But I’d never be able to wear them all.

And so I set myself the challenge – to conceive and implement the ultimate autobiographical tee – a single design which sums up all of my specializes interests. The Grand Unified Theory of innerspaceboy.

And then it came to me. What better way to showcase my academic pretension, my musico-cultural obsession, and my meta-hip snobbishness than with a custom tee emblazoned with a Fruchterman-Reingold graph depicting the web-like interrelationships between my 60 favorite sub and micro genres?

I quickly constructed a dataset of my favorite musical niches and formatted them as a CSV denoting each node and edge for the graphic. (For example: Post-Punk is an amalgam of elements from funk, dub, electronic, and experimental musics.)

I was pleased to discover that my favorite data visualization application, Gephi (previously employed in the creation of my 550 Favorite Artists of 2014) was supported by Linux and in a short time I produced this splendid graph. Behold, ladies and gentlemen: The Grand Unified Theory of innerspaceboy.

CLICK HERE for the hi-res!

Grand Unified Theory of HipI’m insane.

Top 550 Artists and Composers of 2014

An incredibly productive Saturday indeed!  I was introduced this week to the web-based presentation software, Prezi and set myself a challenge –

I would take my first-ever exercise in data visualization (created using Excel and my first attempt at using the Gephi software tool), import it into Prezi, animate it with an audio bed and narration, and work out how to manually export it to a shareable video for Innerspace Labs.

In just over 6 hours I drafted a script, recorded and segmented it to function in the presentation, taught myself the software, and did a bit of post-production to tidy things up.

Below is the result of this project.  (Best-viewed in fullscreen.)

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