Better than Cheese Dip!

I had the day off yesterday, and two of my best friends took a road trip to visit me.  Before a day of thrifting, antiquing, and record shopping they presented me with a gift – something I’d seen on ebay but didn’t have the cash to pick up myself.

This is a issue #1 of my favorite comic of all time, Sergio Aragones’ Groo the Wanderer.  It’s in mint condition and better still, it’s autographed by Sergio with a doodle of Groo on the first page, complete with a certificate of authenticity.



Groo has been printed by Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics, Marvel (Epic), Image and for the last two years The Groo Treasury vol 1 has been held up but will eventually be printed by Dark Horse.

Groo made a brief debut appearance in Destroyer Duck #1 in February 1982 and Groo #1 followed in December of that year.

I’ve been reading Groo since Marvel issue #56, and collected all through #110 (just before the end of Marvel’s run with the series.)

You can imagine how excited I was to get such an awesome early birthday present!  THANK YOU, CATHY AND CHUCK!


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