Underworld MK1 – The Sire B-Sides

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Another Underworld classic has arrived at Innerspace Labs! “Glory! Glory!” is a single from the Mk1 era before they changed their sound and released their epic Dubnobasswithmyheadman LP.

Their singles from this period were released between 1988 and 1989, and the Sire label singles featuring b-sides not found anywhere else in their catalog were issued exclusively in Germany and Australia.

I’ve researched all 53 variations of these single, compiled a list of all edits and b-sides and have been collecting them for years.

The Sire Singles b-sides include the following:

Glory Glory (7 pressings)

  • Shokk The Doctor
  • Glory! Glory! (Live – Full Length Version) – same as “Glory! Glory! (Live)”

Underneath the Radar (17 pressings)

  • Big Red X
  • Underneath the Radar (Edit)
  • Underneath The Radar (Instrumental Version)
  • Underneath The Radar (12″ Remix)
  • Underneath The Radar (7″ Remix) – 4:43 and exclusive to the Sire ‎– PRO-CD-2942 US CD Promo Single
  • Underneath The Radar (Dub)
  • Underneath The Radar (8:00 Remix) – same as 12″ remix
  • Underneath The Radar (6:00 Dub) – same as “(Dub)”
  • Underneath The Radar (Edit From Shep Petitibone Remix) – 4:40 and exclusive to the Sire ‎– 927 937-7 European 7″ single manufactured in Germany – NOTE: This version has the same runtime as the track listed on Sire ‎– PRO-CD-2942 called 7″ Remix issued as a promo CD in the US and the Discogs entry lists it as being “Edited By – Shep Pettibone.” They are very likely the same track.

Show Some Emotion (7 pressings)

  • Show Some Emotion (Remix)
  • Shokk The Doctor – also featured on some of the “Glory! Glory!” singles

Stand Up (14 pressings)

  • Stand Up (Extended Dance Mix)
  • Stand Up (Edit)
  • Stand Up (Ya House Mix)
  • Stand Up…(And Dance)
  • Outskirts

Thrash (3 pressings)

  • Thrash (Dance Pass)
  • Thrash (Extasy Pass)

Additionally, “Change the Weather” (3 pressings), “I Need a Doctor” (1 pressing), and “Pray” (1 pressing) were also issued as singles but only contained standard A-sides from the two full-length LPs released during the Mk1 era, Underneath the Radar (1988) and Change the Weather (1989).

Of these 53 releases I am missing four tracks –

Underneath the Radar (Edit) – 3:59
Underneath The Radar (7″ Remix) aka (Edit From Shep Pettibone Remix) – 4:43
Thrash (Dance Pass)  – 6:25
Thrash (Extasy Pass) – 5:46

I am actively working on completing the set.

I want to give some praise to Post Punk Monk who has engaged in a similar endeavor with Underworld’s even earlier work as Freur. His (or her) REVO Remastering: Freur/Underworld [Mk I] – Stainless Steel Tears [REVO 036] self-produced remaster compilation is exactly the sort of work I’m tackling.

At the present moment my Underworld collection presently comprises 62 physical releases and artifacts, memorabilia, subway posters, books, prints, magazine articles, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc, as well as 589 digital albums, EPs, mixes, concerts, and other materials. With new material being released every week, they’re showing no sign of slowing down.

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  1. Hah! A contrarian Underworld Mk I fan! I knew I was not the only one, but surely you must admit that it all pales considerably next to the glory of Freur??!!!! [fish-eye lens makes extreme close-up of Monk glaring at the camera with a crazed look in his eyes as dissonant organ stinger occurs on soundtrack]
    Uh, yeah. I made my set before I even had evidence of the “Thrash” remixes. Sadly. So I need to remaster it all. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

    • Great to hear from you, PPM! It was your work which inspired my Mk1 project, so thank you! The digital portion of my UW library is up to nearly 2700 of their concerts, mixes, and tracks and is meticulously organized into a categorical folder structure with uniform tagging conventions, but I understand that it pales when compared to those of Yannick and the other mods of rtsr. I’ll keep at it though. It’s a labor of love, right?

      Thanks so much for visiting!

      • Great to see that there are more curators out there. For the record I now have a few Underworld MK II albums. As I suspected, they are pretty good. Better than Mk I but yes, I’m still a Freur fanboy at heart. That stuff was far weirder for 1983 and I think my ardor is down to that. The “Doot Doot” album [and especially the B-sides] were just so far out for that period. dubnobasswithmyheadman might be excellent, better techno than the rest, but it’s of its time. Less of a bizarre outlier to nowhere.

      • I definitely hear what you’re saying. Freur is weirdly wonderful stuff, especially the b-sides.

        I have between 2600-2700 Underworld/Freur/Lemon Interupt/Karl Hyde/Eno & Hyde, etc tracks, concerts, and DJ mixes and it’s definitely the deeper cuts that grab me. I know some key members of the old dirty forum have far larger UW collections, but I’ll get there one day.

        Some of their recent material is fantastically experimental as well. (“DBF” immediately comes to mind.) And I adore their ambient selections.

        Thanks again for checking out my post!

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