The Final Countdown

A less-than-formal update this evening:

I’m so very excited! In all of my musical lit travels, there has been one rare great white which has always evaded me. There haven’t been any documented copies surfacing in the US in the 30-year history of the text, and copies worldwide seldom appear on the resale market at an affordable price.

It’s a book that everyone simply assumes I own, given my fascination with milestones of music culture. I’ve been stalking the rare book market for about 6 months in preparation for this purchase and was going to wait until June for my birthday, but I didn’t want to get stuck buying the $800+ copies if they were all that were left by the time I got around to it.

Tonight I set myself to the task, and quickly located a second (final) edition at a fair price but was dishearted to discover that the second edition was printed as a tiny pocket book while the first (and rarest) edition was famously a larger-than-life oversize text with anarchistic proclamations printed boldly across the cover.

It took a little hunting, but I was able to track down a first edition tonight. The entire sales entry was in German, which is likely the reason it hadn’t been snatched up yet. I didn’t hesitate for a second and bought it on the spot. 25-45 days for international shipping, but man, when it arrives I’m going to be one happy duck.

I’ll omit the title to send my readers into a massive upset of anticipation because you have nothing better to do than watch me buy sh*t that no one remembers.

Gold-plated no-prize to anyone who can guess what I’m on about.

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  1. The Manual: How to Have a Number One the Easy Way by Jimmy Cauty & Bill Drummond (1st ed.)

    • That’s right! Thanks so much for following the blog, and extra thanks for chiming in! There are still more KLF rarities in the works – some truly brilliant hand-crafted memorabilia I’ve just discovered last night. Stay tuned!

      “You’ll be receiving a handsome Simulfax copy of your words in the mail soon, and my reply.”

      [Exit right to Funway.]

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