Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook (Carpe Sonum)

Just when I’ve sworn off my compulsion for collecting albums, something beautiful turns up that and makes me reconsider.  I’d promised myself that I’d exercise greater selectivity in my album purchasing – opting only for the crème de la crème for my library.  Today’s featured box set is exactly the kind of album I’m talking about.

After the untimely passing of Pete Namlook in 2012, Carpe Sonum Records was formed by EAR/Rational Music, (the North American distributor of FAX and related labels) and issued a handsome limited edition 8-disc box set celebrating his music.  The first four discs explore the 20-year history of Namlook’s legendary FAX +49-69/450464 record label.  The label featured ambient electronic artists, many of whom collaborated with Namlook on their FAX releases.

The remaining four discs feature exclusive recordings submitted by fans of the label.  Released in two limited runs in 2013, the box set has since sold out.  However I am pleased to announce that Carpe Sonum is now accepting donations and pre-orders for a reissue of the set AND are considering a 10LP edition!  All sales proceeds will go to Namlook’s family.

You can subscribe to their mailing list for updates, contribute your own tracks to the project, or simply offer a financial contribution to help make the release happen.  Visit Carpe Sonum for more information!













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  1. Just discovered your blog and there is tons of great stuff here. I will be revisiting regularly!

    One clarification re: Die Welt ist Klang. The first four discs contain tracks from FAX artists, but only one track (Some Filter for Namlook) was ever released on FAX. About half of the tracks were never before released, and several were composed specifically for Die Welt ist Klang (By a River, She Came Dancing Across the Water, Saving a Space, Farväl, Sagittarian, Love What You Do, Sky One, The Light That Burns).


    • Dave, thank you very much for the correction! It’s been over a year, but I’ve finally ordered my own copy of the Namlook tribute. I’ve drafted a new feature on the set which will go live Monday, March 14, 2016 to encourage all my new readers to purchase copies for their libraries.

      Thank you for the wonderful music!

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