Dear friends, this will be a most candid and direct post.  No refinement or editing – just breaking and game-changing news.

I don’t care that I’ve just posted a video a few hours ago, and that it is “poor form” to double-up, particularly with a hastily-typed announcement.  But I consider this a music milestone.

As anyone who reads my articles knows full-well by now, I’d long-ago lost the majority of my faith in contemporary song.  Save for a few select artists I’ve followed for many decades, I invest most of my research and vinyl-purchasing energies in classic recordings of the past 50 years.

But this evening I read a piece of news that instantly motivated me to detour my behavioral form.

Thom Yorke announced today that he is releasing his new solo album via a new model of Bittorrent – one with a paygate channel for distribution.

Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

I was immediately motivated to purchase the album for several reasons:

1. The album is sold and distributed independently by the artist, demonstrating that the self-proclaimed owners of the industry are no longer necessary.

2. The digital version of the album is a mere $6.  (For six bloody dollars an album, I would instantly start paying artists directly for digital music.)

3. He offered (and I bought) a deluxe white vinyl edition of what will surely be an historic recording.

4. …which ships from the UK FOR FREE.

5. and which included an instant lossless FLAC, WAV, and lossy MP3 download of the complete album.

Sincerely – thank you, Thom for shattering my preconceptions about modern music and for proving to the industry the viability of Bittorrent.

Thom Yorke

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