The World’s Most Beautifully Ugly Music

I’m so happy to bring you this brief but magnificent post before my massive birthday vinyl and equipment update which I promise is coming just as soon as the FedEx man delivers.

As you may already know I’ve never taken any courses in music theory, music appreciation, or music history.  Still I am immeasurably passionate about each of these subjects and plan to audit courses in the future if at all possible.

One question that has recently plagued my mind as I research experimental and avant-garde music is the grand question, “what makes a composition beautiful or repulsive?”

At first I tried to approach the question scientifically.  I hypothesized that a set of characteristics about a piece might be directly proportional to it’s value.  (Of course this is incorrect, I just wanted to eliminate possibilities to narrow my solution set.)  What I kept coming back to was that most listeners in the west prefer the familiarity, order, and harmony of short, common-key verse-chorus-verse expressions in 4/4 time.  Then there are others like myself who lust for the dissonance, simulated chaos, and less-structured qualities of more experimental and micro-tonal music.

My girlfriend has provided me with significant figures of philosophy and art history who wrote on the subject of beauty, and I will be exploring them in the months ahead.

This evening’s research surrounded the Fibonacci Sequence and the golden mean and their influence on musical composition.  The search brought me to this outstanding Ted Talk, intriguingly titled, The World’s Ugliest Music!

Do not miss this fantastic clip!

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