The Mysterious Frank Eddie

Just after Christmas two more rare vinyl treasures arrived at my doorstep.

Fred Deakin, (half of the beloved former band Lemon Jelly) has been quietly releasing remixes under the name Frank Eddie on his Impotent Fury (XL Recordings) label.  I imagine it’s again due to uncleared sampling, as was the case with Soft Rock and Rolled Oats – neither of which had any artist information anywhere on the sleeve or label.

There are 6 forecast singles, and each is limited to just 500 copies worldwide.  In the fine tradition of all things Jelly, these singles have die cut hand screen printed packaging, just what we would expect from the boys at Airside.

I ordered two of the first releases after seeing the incredible videos the Airside graphics team put together to promote the A-side tracks.

The debut “Frank Eddie” track is called “Let Me Be The One You Call On” and is a reworking of the song “Fix” by Blackstreet from 1996.  Samples from both the original mix and the remix which featured Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Slash are detectable throughout this new version, with the lead vocal pitch shifted to sound female.

Frank Eddie - Let Me Be The One You Call OnFrank Eddie – “Let Me Be The One You Call On”

Check out the AWESOME video below (and let it build.)

The video for the other single, “Stay Another Day” was offered as a farewell from Airside, as they announced they will be closing their doors this March.  The video features highlights from many of their favorite design projects.  And no one can turn a cheesy brit pop tune into a Balearic anthem the way Fred Deakin can.  (Well, Marsha Gee’s “Peanut Duck” comes close…)

Frank Eddie - "Stay Another Day"Frank Eddie – “Stay Another Day”

Here’s Fred’s glorious goodbye.

As my quest for great vinyl never ends, I’ve just put an order in for two VERY special LPs, one of which I never thought I’d own in my lifetime.  Stay tuned for some incredible music and unparalleled album packaging!

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