More Fun Finds at the Antique Mall!

A friend and I hit up the local antique mall for one of the last garage sales of the year.  I was amazed to find items specific to my obscure tastes and while I was out of cash, my friend kindly hooked me up so I wouldn’t go home empty handed.  (THANKS!!)

I already have a substantial collection of Jim Henson-related LPs, so it’s always a treat when I find one I haven’t already picked up.

Here was my collection as of 10am this morning…

My Jim Henson records

The import Fraggle Rock LP was included in an earlier post, features alternate cover art (the better version, IMO) and includes several songs which do not appear on any other pressing or on the Fraggle Rockin’ 3CD set.

The Dark Crystal LP was also posted previously – a record show find which included a glorious fold-out poster in mint condition.

The 6LP book and record set (third item pictured) is exceedingly rare and the only copies I’ve found for sale online range from $98 – $400.  You may recall them from a post this summer.

Today I found both The Great Muppet Caper soundtrack and John Denver & the Muppets Christmas Together.  The Denver album was pretty beat up (many of them are) so I left it behind.  Still I’m very happy to have another major Muppet film soundtrack added to my library!

Great Muppet Caper Sndtk

Next I found another Mr. Rogers LP to add to my 80s children’s television collection.  Below is my current Mr. Rogers stash…

Mister Rogers 6LPs

But the finds that absolutely blew my mind came when we reached the pulp novel section owned by my favorite record dealer at the mall.  My friend was looking for specific sci-fi works from the 50s and 60s and he took home a number of great titles.

I casually asked him to keep an eye out for any Patrick McGoohan Secret Agent/Prisoner books or any Get Smart paperbacks with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon on the cover.  He instantly replied, “You mean like these?” and handed me FIVE BOOKS!

Get Smart - Get Smart (No. 1)

Get Smart - Sorry Chief (No. 2)

Get Smart - Max Smart and the Perilous Pellets (No. 4)

Get Smart - Missed It By That Much (No. 5)

Each of the Get Smart books were written by William Johnston, and these were 4 of the first 5 published.  I recognized every one of the photographs instantly, (I’m a bit of a fan.)  Best of all, the Secret Agent book was the last thing in the world I ever expected to find at a local antique store!

Secret Agent - Hell For Tomorrow

Thanks again to my outstanding friend without whom I’d never have found these treasures!

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