Race For the Prize

Just as a reminder to all I am off from work Fri June 24 – Monday June 27th, the weekend of my 30th birthday.

I am still working out a way to get to Rochester as my love will sadly have to work that entire weekend but we’ll figure it out somehow.  A generous friend has already offered his guest room and a few rides around town for the weekend.  (The Baron thanks you!)

Astonishingly, I learned this morning that the Flaming Lips will be playing in Rochester that very Saturday!  Quite sadly I won’t be attending (I don’t have the thirty-odd dollars for a ticket and I have no one to join me besides.)  I will be on the lookout for a recording of the show in the days that follow.  If you happen to see it posted anywhere please drop me a line?

What makes the show even more special is that the Lips have been touring live performances of their 1999 masterpiece, The Soft Bulletin played from start to finish.  It’s rumored that the Rochester set will be one of the Bulletin shows!

And the band has just released the cover art for their upcoming album – The Soft Bulletin: Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011 (recorded live at SUNY Fredonia!)

Soft Bulletin Live

Just in case you haven’t seen any of the Flaming Lips’ legendary stage shows I have something special for you.  Click the link below to watch the very first Soft Bulletin Live concert from the 2011 New Year’s Eve Freak-Out.

The Soft Bulletin Live @ The 2011 New Years Eve Freak-Out

Definitely bummed that I’ll have to miss the show but I’m excited just the same that I’ll get to celebrate my 30th with all my friends and family back home.  See you then!

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