“Where am I?” “In the Village.”

After over a MONTH of waiting, and long after I’d accepted that it had been lost in the mail somewhere between UK Royal Mail and the USPS, the rare Prisoner soundtrack LP has arrived!

This isn’t just any soundtrack.  The SixOfOne Appreciation Society (organized in tribute to the cult favorite Prisoner series of the 1960s,) found Ron Grainer’s original reel to reel recordings for the program in a dusty cardboard box in Denham.  The result of the project was a limited run of, appropriately, 601 copies.

The album was released on Bam Caruso Records, and contains an overwhelming number of bonus items tucked into the disc jacket.

Bootleg copies were later produced and are widely available, but do not feature the die cut cover, any of the extras, or the easter egg hidden in the run-out grooves of the original LP.   Larry Hall at the Prisoner Music Archive had this to say:

“At the end of the session the whole thing was transferred to the acetate master to which the three of us ceremonially added our signatures in the run-out groove area. If you possess a vinyl copy of the album, get a magnifying glass and check. This is how you know if you’ve got an original.”

Examining the LP you’ll find the following etched in – ‘BOPPIN BOB’ ‘Be Seeing You on Side Two’ / ‘cts WEMBLEY’ ‘Hip hip Hooray – LOL’ / ‘I am Not a Number’

Anyone who has seen the series will recognize each phrase.

Below are snapshots of the album and all the extras it included.  Sorry for the lack of quality – as my digital camera needs to charge I had to make due with my cell phone.

Cover (closed)

The cover, closed

Cover (open)

The cover, open

Album Sleeve (front)

Album Sleeve, Front

Album Sleeve (back)

Album Sleeve, Back

LP label

LP Label

24 Page Illustrated Book (cover)

24 Page Illustrated Book (cover)

24 Page Illustrated Book (open)

24 Page Illustrated Book (open)

Mini Poster

Mini Poster

Mini Poster back - Episode Credits

Mini Poster back – Episode Credits

Map of The Village (folded)

Map of The Village (folded)

Map of Village (open)

Map of The Village (open)

SixOfOne Society Membership Application

SixOfOne Society Membership Application

Cover (back)

Cover (back)

As you can imagine, I’m very excited to add this album to my collection.  And if you missed my other incredible Prisoner find, (the autographed typewritten letter and signed photo from McGoohan, himself!) be sure to check it out here.

Be seeing you.

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