My audio library is now online!

For years I’ve maintained an Excel document with my entire analog and digital record collection, currently at over 6,600 album entries.

I finally decided it was time to upgrade to a better system, and so I began to test and evaluate 20 of the most popular record cataloging software available. I was amazed by the number of details that instantly attached to each album entered, right down to when each member of the group joined and left the band!

After I tested them all, I found an app called OrangeCD to be the best for a number of reasons. Perhaps its finest quality is the smooth and 100% customizable user interface.

OrangeCD LibraryCustomize OrangeCD to organize albums your way.

OrangeCD catalogs any analog or digital medium and queries multiple online databases to produce a detailed album entry. It has a wide array of fields including condition, price, and even a borrower’s status to help when you lend out albums to friends. Best of all, it automatically syncs with an online service called “Racks and Tags” (visit their website) which lets users share their discographies with friends. Racks and Tags is accessible on any smartphone, making it an invaluable tool when you’re digging through record shops. It’s also a great way to network with individuals who share your musical interests and to discover other artists you might enjoy.

OrangeCD Album DetailAlbum Detail view

The quickest way to add your vinyl albums to the database is to select Album – Add From Discogs – select Keyword – and enter the catalog number of the LP you’re looking for. Instead of sifting though a list of 20 editions of a particular title, your search is instantly narrowed to a single result. And even if Discogs is missing the cover art for the album, you can click the Google search shortcut, pull up the image, right click and copy. There’s a handy ‘paste’ button right beside the cover art field in OrangeCD.

RacksandTags Artist MapTop 100 Artists view on RacksandTags

In addition to the R&T sync tool, users can also publish their collection as a website with a single click. Click Tools – Export to HTML and choose from one of the seven website templates included with the software. There are also a number of other templates available for download from the OrangeCD website.

Visit to download the fully functional trial version of OrangeCD. If you do put it to use, please let me know and we’ll connect on Racks and Tags.

As of January 13th my library is live on the Racks and Tags website.  I plan to use the publish-to-Web option as soon as I can get my own page up.  For now, visit my library here!

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  1. Seriously cool, I am going to be digging through your racks and tags.
    As soon as I get a new keyboard for my Ub-box I will be back on Dropbox.
    Tell me, what are these Brian Eno albums like? \
    “LIGHTNESS” Music for the Marble Palace
    Compact Forest Proposal
    Kite Stories
    Music for Prague
    Music for White Cube
    I am also curious if you know of any other installation music to come from white cube, and or if you know where I could find any of the cremaster series by Matthew Barney
    I look forward to hearing more from you.
    I am sooo glad that you could get access to this service.

  2. I haven’t listened to those particular albums in quite a while, I’ll do a little research and get back to you.

    PS See my most recent post for tonight’s RacksandTags update.

  3. After a bit of research and reading, I discovered that nearly all of these albums were non-cataloged Opal releases available only from the Enoshop (if at all.) Most were created using field recordings run through Koan Pro software to produce endless ambient sounds. They were designed for installation pieces, with up to 10 CD players in each installation, each set to play random tracks so that the listening experience was never repeated.

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