Rubber Chickens and Mannequin Parts

On my way to work today I saw an incredible storefront.  It was enough to make me pull the car over and take several photos.

Now I’ve seen some pretty incredible jewelry stores in the past.  Who could forget the classy Lourdes Jewelry and Fly Fishing shop in Mohegan Lake, NY?

Lourdes Jewelry and Fly Fishing
But Airport Plaza Jewelers might just have them beat.  The store sign includes a photo of the owner grinning and holding up disembodied mannequin parts.

The Showroom

Better still are the company’s two vehicles.

Chicken Mobile

Chicken Truck

Now when I think jewelry, I think “giant chicken.”  But what about the mannequin parts?  I found the answer on their website.  “Airport Plaza Jewelers – Where a really great diamond doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”  Brilliant.

You can even follow their Chicken Mobile on Twitter.

Their Twitter page proudly proclaims the following message:

“Want a squeaky chicken for Christmas? Stop into APJ, mention twitter and get one for free!”

I’ll be there at 9am tomorrow to claim my chicken.

Chicken Mobile in Action

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  1. The guy that’s holding up the limbs looks like Dennis Farina.

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